Thursday, June 19, 2008


A month ago, my family was mostly recovering from post-vacation illness, and trying to get back into a routine. We were examining future possibilities, but selling your house was only a distant consideration.

Today, my garage is full of boxes, and most of the house is empty except for furniture. What these last two weeks have taught me, quite simply, is we can do anything when we put our minds to it. With a lot of help and a lot of prayer, we have brought ourselves to the point of being to sell our house, and we are looking very seriously at what I need to do so I can get a Ph.D. starting next fall. I am so proud of my wife, organizing so much to get this job done. We have worked as a team, but she has had to oversee most of it at the house. By next Friday, it's entirely possible a for sale sign will be in our front yard. I am simply amazed. I remember looking around our little apartment just over four years ago and wondering how we could ever move out of that, and I just knew the house would be too much to accomplish. Yet here we are, ready to get out and get on to another step on the path to the future. A path we are very aware requires us to be in the moment, taking care of the present or the future will be a pipe dream.

I doubt this post makes very much sense, but I wanted to write down some of my thoughts. The day after tomorrow is the GMAT. Hands folded, head down, here I go.

-- Robert


Julie Pippert said...

That's progress! GOOD LUCK!

Robert said...

Thanks. One step at a time... or at least less than a dozen steps at a time.