Friday, June 13, 2008

Thank You, Dad

So many times in my past, I have worried that a decision I made would disappoint my father. So many times, he has shown me how silly that fear was. When I felt I should go back to get my MBA, he was excited for me. When I decided to join the LDS Church, he continued to love me and even came to see me join. Now that I feel so strongly that I must pursue my Ph.D., my father has spent many conversations listening to me as I discuss what I am learning, and he has given me a lot of great advice and support. At first, I thought he might be sad to see me leave our company, which we have both spent a lot of years building and changing, but now I can tell he is excited for me to do something we both know I will love. So even though my Dad does not read my blog, I had to write a tribute to him. For a man who is so hard to give a gift to, at least I can do write this post to say thank you, and Happy Father's Day, Dad.

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