Monday, June 30, 2008

House for Sale

Corner lot, 2.25 acres, 2400 square feet, four bedrooms, two and 3/4 bath, garden, fenced in area adjacent to back deck. Quiet neighborhood, convenient to area golf course with pool. All new appliances within the past two years, new HVAC unit (less than a year old) for main living area, landscaping references available. Termite bonded. Dish, cable, and high speed internet all available on-site.

Hey, it never hurts to utilize every available resource when selling, right? I really have nothing new to report, so I thought I would write that brief ad because there is now a sign in front of our house showing it is officially listed.

-- Robert


le35 said...

As soon as Sally tells us where the websites are, I'm going to post a link to one. YAY!

Melissa said...

And away you go....

Good luck with this!