Saturday, June 7, 2008

Locked And Loaded

I may be hasty in making the evaluation, but after just a short time of preparing, I feel ready to retake the GMAT. I want to send my score off to the school that will take the one I have already, and then I'll set an appointment and take it. Much like the previous time I took it, I have felt like I am being led to take this test. When I took it last time, I prayed right before I took the test, and I asked that God help my mind be clear so that I could do my best, if he wanted me to go back to school. I got a score that guaranteed me a top assistantship at UGA, so I knew my answer when I left the test site. I did not say "God, take the test for me" or "give me the answer" because I knew that was not how he worked. I knew I had prepared, and I knew I was capable of doing well, so I just asked for help to do what was within my ability. I plan to say the same prayer before taking it again. If I am really meant to follow my dream and become a professor, then I feel sure that I will have the help I need to let my preparation pay off. So I won't say "here's hoping" or "fingers crossed" like I might in some cases. Instead I'll say "head bowed, arms folded, here I go."

-- Robert


le35 said...

That seems to be the best plan of action in life as a whole anyway. :) It works for just about any situation. "Head bowed, arms folded, here we go!"

Robert said...

I agree, but more earnest prayers than usual are helpful when big decisions come.