Monday, June 16, 2008

Time Flies, Time Drags

As the days fly by en route to the GMAT, I am wondering if I was too hasty to schedule it. Yet, I feel like the time spent waiting to begin the application process will never end. Moving seems to be coming along quickly, yet I know the last few boxes in any move seem to take forever to leave the house. So it goes with any big change, I realize. Since I can't find much of anything interesting to blog about because my brain is on overload, I thought I might write a schedule here that I plan to keep this week:

- Practice one or two quizzes of each type of question
- Practice analytical writing at least once more
- Read one or two academic articles from the subjects I am considering researching
- Prepare a lesson for Sunday
- Make sure the painter, garage door man, and carpenter are lined up
- Get a Uhaul to move boxes to storage unit
- Take GMAT Saturday morning

I figure keeping a schedule like that will be good practice for when schedules look like this:
- Attend seminars
- Work for professor on research/classwork
- Work on research for myself
- See wife and children
- Breathe in, breathe out

Okay, so I'm exagerrating. It's not like I'll see my wife and children every week...

Sorry, my sense of humor is in "warp mode" right now. Hopefully next Monday will bring a good report. Until then, head bowed, hands folded, here we go!

-- Robert


Anonymous said...

You can't leave Cairo. There won't be any people my age when I visit!!!
I can definitely see you as a Professor. Good luck this weekend.


Robert said...

How did you come across my blog, Leisa? I just have to ask, because I guess that means more people from the family might be in the know than I realize. Anyway, thanks for the luck. And for seeing me as a professor.

le35 said...


I'm sorry about that. We have to do it though.

le35 said...
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Melissa said...

Remember you said you need to try and live in the moment more?

Robert said...

Yes, I did, and I really am doing it. I just wrote this post to get the thoughts out. But I have done a good job of continuing to respond to what we need to accomplish today, what we need to do within a week, and what I need to do in the future without ignoring the moment. Thanks for making sure I remember, though.