Saturday, June 21, 2008

Well, I Didn't Improve My Old Score...

But then, getting the same score was just fine with me! Amazingly, I got exactly the same overall score, though it was based on different underlying elements - I did better on the quantitative but worse on the verbal. I think I may have managed a perfect score on the essays, which would improve from the second highest possible score there, but otherwise, my score was exactly the same and I love it. I started to feel a sense of peace about the test on Friday, but I really started to feel good about it as I started it. The first essay was on a very reasonable subject, as was the second. Then I could definitely tell the questions were getting harder on the quantitative - a sign of success on the GMAT CAT - so I knew I was going to get a good score. With about five questions to go on the verbal I could tell I was starting to get a little tired, but I still knew the score would be strong. I wasn't even surprised, unlike the first time when I thought my score was just an example because I just knew I had done badly. I actually finished every section with more than ten minutes to spare, and finished the whole test forty minutes early. I could barely contain my excitement as I left the center, but I decided to hold my primal scream of joy until I got in my car.

I wanted to thank all of those who wished me well. I appreciated the emails, phone calls, direct conversations, and blog posts that encouraged me. I especially wanted to thank all those who were praying for my success. I knew the Spirit was with me as I moved through the test.

To my family members who I have just found out read my blog regularly, welcome to the party! Thanks for looking in on me, and feel free to comment anytime! Who knew I had an audience (no offense to any regular posters).

Now on to the applications. Head down, arms folded, HERE I GO!

-- Robert


Melissa said...

That's fabulous! Congrats!

Now the really hard part...:)

Oh...and to get sitemeter. It's a widget you can add to your site that will do that sort of thing. Google has something as well, but I like sitemeter better.

Robert said...

Thanks for the line, Melissa. I credited you with it in my next post. Thanks also for the tips on how to get my site statistics.