Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Now For the Hard Part

Thanks for the line, Melissa. Yes, now that I have gotten a good GMAT score, I have to fill out the applications, line up recommendations, order transcripts, and visit campuses. For now, my wife and I plan to take a road trip in the fall to visit most of them in the fall, and I am trying to get contacts in each place so I can make the most of the time I have. Still, all of what I am doing now is easier than actually going to school with a family, but I know I will have lots of help.

I have a good idea of what areas I want to research, and therefore what I want to study. I just need to determine what lines up with my interests among those schools where I am applying. The best thing I can do, from the advice of various professors, is to identify who I want to work with based on their interests and do my best to go to the school where they teach. I have a few leads in that direction, but I want to know more.

Knowledge is power, so I am arming myself. I have enjoyed this search so far, but I have only just started. Hopefully I will be more able to really get my mind around all these elements fairly soon since I will begin applying in another month or so.

-- Robert


Kimberley said...

There are few things in our lives that we get to take with us when we return to our heavenly father, knowledge is one of them. As you know I working on my bachelors and have one child, and feel like I am meeting myself coming and going. So I could not image working towards a doctorate, and 2 children. I hate that you are taking one of my best friends in South Georgia away, but I know that if it was not in the best interest of your family you would not be doing it. We treasure yours and Ellie’s Friendship. I know that you will succeed in your new endeavors.

le35 said...

I'm glad that you're doing your research, and you're right that knowledge is power.

Robert said...

Thanks, Kim. I know giving up the closeness with the friends we've made will be hard, and not being around my parents will be really tough on my kids, but I know it is right. We have received numerous confirmations about it already, and I'm just getting started. I have always loved education, and growing as a person can only come as part of being willing to learn and do new things.

Ellie, thanks for being so supportive, and doing such a great job with the house and the kids. I couldn't make it without you.