Friday, June 20, 2008

Tomorrow Is Only a Day Away

I am reminded of the week before midterms or finals, as I wait to take the GMAT tomorrow. The air was always full of expectation, anxiety, hope, and adrenaline. I am looking forward to walking out of the test around lunch and feeling the rush of "I am DONE!" For now, though,I feel ready, and I am feeling my internal focus turning on. It might sound silly, but I could definitely appreciate the movie For the Love of the Game when Costner said "clear the mechanism." He could tune out the crowd and just pitch. When I prepare myself well, I can be that way about tests. Thanks to the timing of a trip my wife is taking out of town, I will already be alone tonight, so I decided to get a hotel near the testing center (since it is about an hour away from my house). That way I can get away from a house full of boxes and furniture and instead relax and get a good night's sleep. I have something to read to help me fall asleep, and I can read it again in the morning to help my mind wake up over breakfast. Then I think my "mechanism" will be firing on all cylinders. Head bowed, arms folded, here I go.

-- Robert

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